Carmelo, Jaime, and Damien

Our Lives Together.

We just got back from a 13 day vacation in Hawaii. We were in O’ahu and had a fairly busy schedule, but with so much time spent, we also had a couple of days where we didn’t do anything. That was nice. We had a great time and took many pictures. I wanted my family to have a great and memorable vacation and I think, Mission Accomplished!

It was really cool that we met up with Nestor, Sunshine, Andrew and his family, and even Kevin.
It was also very nice of Brandee and Brent to watch our house and for Pat and Courtney to take on the dogs.

We went everywhere we wanted to go, see?

Mom and I recreated an old picture!

I tried to give accurate reviews for the places we went and experienced. Check out my Yelping on Yelp.

I recommend watching the video, its quite enjoyable… then go to the pictures afterwards to peruse at your leisure.

For the pictures, click here.


Jaime and I were stopped SO many times for pictures. It was a great feeling knowing our costumes we worked hard on were very popular.

My brother and sister-in-law got to get their pictures with the one and only Stan Lee.
Then my brother got to have a moment with Bruce Campbell :)

We also bumped into John Barrowman again. This time he was running through the crowds and nudged into us accidentally. There is something about him that really makes you like him.