Lake Powell 2016

We went on our annual Lake Powell vacation! It has been two years though since the last time we went. We had a blast. The album on Facebook might be better than the ones below, which are not in the same order since it’s mostly manually sorted.

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Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

I attended a conference, the Gartner Security and Risk Management conference at National Harbor in Maryland. I have to say, this conference is just better quality than the RSA conference that I attended in March in San Francisco. Little did I know other than right after checking into my hotel, that I had a lot of friends nearby!

I was able to visit my Marine brother, Bismarck, whom I haven’t seen since 1996, and one my groomsmen and Marine brother, John, whom I went to bootcamp with back in 1992, andĀ I haven’t seen since right after my wedding in 2011.

IMG_7541 (2)
Walking to the plane, leaving on a Sunday
IMG_7545 (2)
This was just interesting to see, sitting there in the airport.
IMG_7549 (2)
Our hotel, it was a little different, the entrance was behind the building.
IMG_7552 (2)
Bismarck and I, after twenty years!
IMG_7554 (2)
Dropping me off, we had a great time!
IMG_7556 (2)
His is my office set up in the hotel.
IMG_7558 (2)
The conference, though it has a funny name to me, was really fantastic and beautiful. It was large and there was refreshments everywhere. Every seat to rest in had power to recharge devices.
IMG_7557 (2)
Cole and I with our passes.
IMG_7592 (2)
I was able to get a run in, that was nice. Ran up to Cameron Run.

IMG_7591 (2)

Cool view from the bridge

IMG_7590 (2)
Gotta run back to the hotel which is quite far from here.
IMG_7595 (2)
Post-run selfie!
IMG_7576 (2)
I caught a glimpse of the Marine Corps Museum on my way to visit John. Wish I had time to go see it
IMG_7578 (2)
Spent the afternoon and evening with John and his family
IMG_7582 (2)
Beautiful place and wonderful company. Love being treated like family by my friends.
IMG_7581 (2)
Kins has gotten so big from the last time I saw her.
IMG_7579 (2)
Kellan has turned into a young man
IMG_7586 (2)
Just outside of the Marine Corps museum on the way back to the hotel, we went to check to see if it was open.. It wasn’t
IMG_7588 (2)
There wasn’t any Ubers anywhere around when I needed to go home so John gave me a ride!
IMG_7601 (Edited)
This is the Gaylord convention center in Maryland where the Gartner conference is.

IMG_7605 (2)

IMG_7638 (Edited)
Colin Powell was the keynote speaker and gave a great speech on leadership

IMG_7637 (Edited)

IMG_7643 (Edited)

IMG_7635 (2)

IMG_7627 (2)
Cole and I met up with Jesse, we seem to sync up at all conferences

IMG_7626 (2)

IMG_7623 (2)

IMG_7622 (2)

IMG_7616 (2)

IMG_7614 (2)

IMG_7613 (2)

IMG_7658 (2)
I finally got to see the Washington memorial
IMG_7662 (2)
The World War II memorial

IMG_7668 (2)

IMG_7674 (2)

IMG_7678 (2)

IMG_7681 (2)
The middle of the reflecting pool
IMG_7683 (2)
The middle of the reflecting pool
IMG_7688 (2)
The Lincoln memorial

IMG_7695 (2)

IMG_7698 (2)

IMG_7699 (2)

IMG_7700 (2)

IMG_7701 (2)

IMG_7703 (2)

IMG_7704 (2)

IMG_7706 (2)

IMG_7721 (2)

IMG_7719 (2)
Korean War Veterans memorial

IMG_7718 (2)

IMG_7716 (2)

IMG_7712 (2)

IMG_7711 (2)

IMG_7722 (2)
Vietnam Veterans memorial

IMG_7757 (2)

IMG_7746 (2)

IMG_7743 (2)

IMG_7736 (2)
The White House

IMG_7735 (2)

IMG_7729 (2)

IMG_7728 (2)

IMG_7758 (2)
Thomas Jefferson memorial

IMG_7761 (2)

IMG_7785 (2)

IMG_7769 (2)

IMG_7768 (2)

IMG_7767 (2)

IMG_7766 (2)

IMG_7765 (2)