Montreal: Miscellaneous Photos & Old Friends

Just trying to leave Phoenix, the plan had some issues and we slammed on the brakes. We were asked to disembark the plane and take a bit of a rest while they repaired it.
In Calgary, without bags, got a hotel for the night
This is the hotel we got, not bad for a free room. The shower was a full body shower!

Mom’s Surprise Party

We came to Montreal to throw my mom her 70th birthday party! She didn’t expect such a large turnout! I’m glad that we all could get together to make her day special.

(you can click on any photo to make it larger)

Thelma and Eliza

I had an unexpected visitor, my cousin, Thelma and her daughter Eliza called me from the airport after 9PM, they missed their connecting flight home and wanted to come stay the night! What a wonderful surprise!

I’ve never met Eliza in person until last night and we drove the motorcycle around the block and we talked for a bit. Then, bright and early, they were off!

Pat’s Run

Well, I did Pat’s Run again today and I was 5 minutes slower than last year (and there was a few times I walked) 🙁

It was fun though.

Cousin Thelma Visits Phoenix

My cousin messaged me a week ago and wanted to just get away and come visit. So we spent the weekend showing her around the State!

Mexican food at Valle Luna, where she even ate some of the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Our cool zen backyard.


Up to Montezuma’s castle

Stopped in Sedona for a quick look and some coffee



A quick stop so Thelma can get some fresh air and not feel so car-sick

Damien made a cute snowman

The Grand Canyon

A quick dinner at McDonald’s before heading home

The next day, we had Filipino food while Damien was at school

Thelma, coming from Seattle, had to go to a Mariner’s game

We were going to go to Papago, but it was rush hour, so we went for a hike at Thunderbird Park. Damien and Thelma ran up to the top!

Then we stuffed ourselves with sushi!

Last meal together before flying home, had to visit the Place.