Carmelo’s Year in Review: 2014


I had an amazing year. 2014 was totally great!

Jaime and I were both dressed as “The Punisher” at the Amazing Arizona Comic-con in January

The Punishers

We all went to the Renaissance Festival! I got a sweet top hat!


I got a sweet new vaporizer ePipe, (to match my top hat!)

I got my CISSP! Achievement Unlocked!

Carmelo, CISSP

I got a sweet Quadcopter as a reward!


Started a security blog which became a source for work’s Security Awareness

We got to go to the Scottsdale Insurance Company Family Fun Fair

Mmmm cotton candy!

Damien got a part time job at the Stadium

Damien working

I got four teeth removed and my gums cut open and lasered, but now they are super healthy!
(Floss your teeth kids!)


Had a blast in Las Vegas for Pat’s 30th birthday!


Got my wife some super awesome shoes that gave her an entourage at work.

Jaime's Shoes

Had an amazing (little man/mustache themed) baby shower for Pat/Courtney/Beau!

Pat and Courtney

Took over my work’s Security Awareness Team


Went to Lake Pleasant with Darla!

Carmelo, Darla, and Jaime

Received a sweet bonus!

Bought a new home computer, it’s a monster tablet!

Steampunk Superman and Steampunk Batwoman at Phoenix Comic-con

Steampunk Batwoman and Steampunk Superman
Steampunk Batwoman and Steampunk Superman

I had become a lead on my team

Treated my mom and family; spent two awesome weeks in Hawaii!


We met with Nestor, Sunshine, Andrew and Family, and Kevin

Represented my team for RiskyBusiness

We met Rebecca in person!

Carmelo, Rebecca, and Pat

Beau was born!

Beau Edward Walsh

My son, Damien, got his driver’s license

Damien Driving to School

We went to the Arizona State Fair

Damien and Jaime at the State Fair

Sublime with Rome concert! This was Damien’s first concert!

Jaime and I won first place as a couple costume contest for Halloween


We participated in Zombie Walk 6!


I flew to San Francisco just for lunch!

Took over the Information Security Intranet at work

Aiden was born!

Aiden Joseph Thadeus Gumulka

Went to have dinner with Pat/Courtney/Beau, took a wrong turn, ended up with my niece and her family!

Carmelo and Family

Built a Raspberry Pi home server


Met with Efren, my Marine brother I haven’t seen in 22 years

Carmelo Walsh and Efren Ray

Took my family to ZooLights for Jaime’s Birthday!


Earned my PCI ISA Certification! Achievement Unlocked!


Paid for my PCI Professional Certification… Achievement Paid for…

Secured bonuses for my security awareness team!

Got a pricey gift card

Got another bonus (made from 3 combined bonuses)!

We had a HUGE Family Christmas Party

Family photo

And I became a God Parent