January 2018

The following are the best of each week within January

New Years at Camille and Randy’s

January 5th: The Van Buren with Mindy to watch 80s Holiday Hangover

January 13th: Ace Comicon & 105th Meetup outside Ace Comicon

January 21st: 105th Build Party

January 26th: Hot Air Balloon Festival with Brandee and Brent; &

the Tempe Library Comicon &

Jasmin’s birthday

2017 Year in Review


  • Jaime and I hiked Thunderbird
  • I ran a Half Marathon (and it was horrible!)
  • Trevin at work had a Heart Attack and I got him to the hospital
  • Superbowl at Camille’s


  • Hurt knee (which was actually from all the running I did in January!
  • Jonathan from works’ Wedding
  • Spartan Super!


  • Cousin Thelma visits
    • Montezuma’s Castle
    • Prescott
    • Grand Canyon
    • Hike Thunderbird
  • Alltel Reunion with Rob and Frank
  • Arizona Aloha Festival
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival
  • 10 years of Jaime putting up with Carmelo! <3


  • Vegas at the M for lunch/dinner with Mom
  • Renew CISSP
  • Hiked Thunderbird
  • Rugged Maniac
  • Jury Duty (420 case that ended on 4/20!)
  • Pat’s Run
  • Surprise visit by Thelma and Eliza/Stephanie
  • Reunited with Suzanne


  • Montreal Trip!
    • A night in Calgary
    • Mom’s 70th birthday in Montreal vacation
    • Reunited with Jonathan/Patrick/Natacha
    • Saw the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa
  • Sunshine lost her baby, Liliyana Rosemarie Guevara πŸ™
  • Michigan Family Visits us
  • Comicon
    • Joined the 105th Squad
    • Hanging with Bustle Girl
  • Reunited with Mark Behan (Marine Brother)


  • Las Vegas for Brandee’s birthday
  • New Couches!
  • New boat!


  • Bartlett Lake
  • Glasses for Carmelo
  • Rowdy πŸ™


  • Petoonia’s maiden voyage Lake Pleasant
  • Jaime surprise visit to Michigan on the way to Ohio
  • Fender party
  • Lake Powell houseboat trip vacation


  • Damien is 21!
  • Sam Ash Customer Appreciation
  • Boating at Pleasant


  • Michigan trip, welcome Riley!
  • Dallas for RSA
    • Reunited with Jack Jones (Mentor)  & Ed Cooksey (Marine Brother)
  • Halloween Ukulele Concert
  • Fender party
    • Reunited with Tony Bunker


  • Comicon FanFest
  • Birthday with much love
  • Rugged Maniac
  • Thanksgiving at Brandee’s
  • Fancy lunch for Jaime’s birthday


  • Ukulele Christmas Concert
  • 12 shots of Christmas at Karie’s (3rd Annual!)
  • Christmas Party at Bob and Lynette’s
    • Space X rocket
  • Christmas at our house
  • New Year’s at Camille’s!

12 Shots of Christmas

Jaime and I went to Karie’s for her 3rd annual 12 Shots of Christmas. Great time as usual!


I am grateful and thankful for all the love I got today, through email, text messages, phone calls, and all over Facebook.

We had a great dinner after a day of chores, we were supposed to do chores yesterday, but were too tired to! A Brazilian Steakhouse where we really just ate entirely too much and finished being entirely too full with a bunch of dessert!

Cuz I’m a winner!!!

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Dallas Trip

It started off with being at the airport and meeting up with a former coworker whom I haven’t seen in about 10 years!
I spotted her husband first and wasn’t sure until she turned around. We talked for a bit, ate together, then flew together! Yes, we were headed to Dallas together, so that was really neat!

Look who I ran into at the airport! We are on the same flight

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I posted on Facebook that I was in Dallas for a conference. One of my brothers from the Marine Corps happened to be at the hotel across the street!

We haven’t seen each other in 21 years!!! #usmc #brothers #semperfi

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We went to the State Fair in Texas!

State fair with Tommy!

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