Jaime’s Birthday!

White Roses

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For my Jaime's birthday

My sweet little wife had her birthday and we went to Zoolights with the family to celebrate! Jaime, Pat, Courtney, and Beau have never been before. So it was nice bringing everybody to check out the awesome ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo. We even walked around with hot chocolate and sweet kettle corn!

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Aiden and Birthday Dinner

Carmelo and JR’s birthday dinner! Totally coincidental by the way, we drove to Gilbert to visit Pat, Courtney, and Beau; and to meet Aiden. We went to have dinner and following Courtney, we went to an Olive Garden. An Olive Garden further than we expected at that. While in line, waiting to eat, Jasmin and JR show up with Victor and Viviana!
Carmelo and Family

Here is Aiden! He’s so cute!

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